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E4environment to deliver Carbon Reduction for Beginners series in partnership with Invest Telford

Does your business want to;

1) Reduce your carbon output,

2) Save money,

3) Be more energy efficient?

But don't know where to start? Let us help de-mystify the process with our targeted and tailor made webinar series delivered in partnership with Invest Telford. Sign up here:

As a result of attending this webinar series you will;

  1. Know how to develop a carbon reduction plan for your business

  2. Better understand what Carbon Footprinting is and the benefits of it

  3. Understand why Supply Chain Sustainability is so important

Session 1 - Developing Carbon Reduction Plans

We’ll be running through the foundations of carbon reduction planning, answering questions on the process, as well as helping you to overcome challenges relevant to your business.

The planned outcome is that you’ll be a position to start developing your own Carbon Reduction Plan, understanding the questions to ask yourself and some of the actions to take that will have a positive impact.

Session 2 - Carbon Footprinting

A business Carbon Footprint is often requested in tender documents. This workshop is designed to take the mystery out of the words and move footprinting from a ‘Dark Art’ to something a business can do itself.

The planned outcome is that businesses will understand what a carbon footprint is, what is meant by Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions and be in a position to recognise what steps they need to take to calculate their footprint.

Session 3 - Supply Chain Sustainability

We will be talking you through the theory and practicalities associated with managing your supply chain – from how you can engage with suppliers to reduce your Scope 3 carbon emissions to what happens if flash flooding occurs that impacts the chain.

The planned outcome is that businesses will be in a position to improve their sustainability through practical engagement with their supply chain.

A little about E4environment:

We are an environmental consultancy providing advice to public and private sector organisations on renewable energy, waste management, producer responsibility, environmental accreditation and sustainability in business.

They are also part of Invest Telford's Business Support Consultancy Panel, providing fully funded 121 support to Telford businesses wanting too become more energy efficient.

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