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We are interdisciplinary environmental consultants

  • When approached with a question or a problem, we always take a bigger picture approach.. 

  • This enables us to consider which people, and what skills will be needed to provide a solution, whether that's an ecologist, an agronomist, or other specialist. 

  • We will project manage for you – liaising with our client, the environmental agency, and any other parties involved.


Due to our full-service approach, we have client relationships lasting for over 20 years. 

International standards and Environmental Policy

Quality of service, environmental impact and the welfare of our employees are at the heart of our business. We hold ISO certification 9001, are registered with Cool Shropshire & Telford,  and complete our own environmental audit in-house annually to identify any ways in which we can further reduce our impact. 

E4 Ltd Environmental Declaration 2022 copy.jpg
Environmental Policy

We are committed to constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

Having supported other businesses for over a decade, we understand that excellent environmental practice can come as a collection of small actions. 

If you're interested in developing your environmental policy, give us a call. 

Meet the Team

Get in touch! 

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