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We have many years of experience helping businesses to evaluate how they can reduce energy and water use, then implement some solutions to make their operations more sustainable. 

Our business sustainability studies are carried out in two main stages. The first stage will be to monitor and measure resource use and the second stage looks more closely at preferred options for hardware and renewable energy solutions.


Our recommendations will depend on your budget, any potential savings made and access to funding or grants.

Our process

Site visit

The first task is to learn more about your business. A site visit will be required to get an understanding of the infrastructure, your products, and the flow of all inputs and outputs. From this we will generate a flow diagram of the process including key points of water and energy use. If you have completed a carbon footprint this information would be useful. If not, we can complete this for you as part of the exercise.


Mass balance

We complete a mass balance of inputs and outputs. This is to quantify and map what comes in and what comes out and where (e.g. water in for Cleaning in Place and out via the drain). This will include collating data on water and electric use from bills and meters where available and outputs e.g. effluent. This will be an extensive list but should help to highlight areas of concern or the need for detailed monitoring that may require flow meters or other monitoring equipment to be put in place.


Action plan and list of options

An action plan will be developed which will be split into i) quick wins that don’t cost the earth, and ii) medium to long term options that require investment, for example a reclaimed wash water system or wastewater treatment facility or an anaerobic digester. Indicative cost scenarios can be presented to show your preferred options


Decision making

We will identify relevant suppliers or speak to research departments (where funding may be offered to you). The costs and benefits of proposed solutions will be presented allowing you to make an informed decision.

Let's Work Together

We offer site sustainability studies and feasibility studies to businesses based all over the UK.


Email for more information or call 01743 343 403 to discuss your project with us in more detail. 

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