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99.9% of UK businesses are small to medium size enterprises, and yet only 13% understand their carbon footprint. So, when large organisations are under increasing pressure to report on supply chain emission

There are three key barriers to small businesses understanding and providing data on sustainability


They boil down to 



and a serious shortage of motivation


Kanopi provides a solution that overcomes these obstacles 

and benefits the whole supply chain. 


We work with large organisations to collect bespoke data from suppliers under a single, united sustainability initiative. 


Then, we support SME suppliers to help them provide the right data 

At no cost to them (because it’s a cost they can do without). 


And if suppliers are totally new to sustainability, 

we help set them some achievable goals to get them on the right track

So there’s no need to break up. 


Large organistions get the data they need


Suppliers generate their own environmental action plans 


The focus is on what we can achieve together.  


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For your suppliers

There's a new way of auditing your supply chain without punishing or replacing your current suppliers. Kanopi facilitates your reporting needs, and also provides free environmental support to your suppliers.

For your customers

Business customers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability credentials. Kanopi enables a deeper understanding of your client base, and adds value to your service by providing free environmental support.

For your stakeholders

We work with councils to help them better understand Scope 3 emissions arising from SMEs and micro businesses. Kanopi is made free to business users in your council area, helping them to start their sustainability journey.

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