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Environmental planning, permitting and approvals

We help our clients secure and maintain the necessary environmental planning permission and permits to comply and operate within the complex regulatory requirements.

Environmental Permit Support for waste management and renewable energy projects

Applying for a permit can be technically demanding and long winded.


Rule of thumb is that the more the site has potential to be polluting, the more complicated the permit. Let us give you the best start with a free consultation upfront to identify any potential barriers and give a sense of timelines. Let us know about your project to get started

We provide expert support, guidance and project management to individuals and businesses across the UK to attain an exemption or environmental permit (both standard and bespoke). 

E4environment has prepared and completed applications for many different types of waste management operations and projects including:

  • Composting sites

  • Renewable energy installations

  • Waste transfer stations

  • Waste recycling sites

  • Anaerobic digestion facilities

  • WEEE facilities

  • Industrial installations

  • New technology sites

We have also successfully surrendered a number of environmental permit for clients

Get in touch or fill in the form below to give us some more detail about your site and your plans.

Planning and Pre-application services

Planning applications are complex, technical and time consuming.

E4environment has extensive experience in successfully developing and submitting planning applications across the renewable energy and waste sectors. 

Our service provides complete project management from pre-consultation, application completion, through to discharging of planning conditions and public liaison. 


We can oversee and project manage the application, or work with your team to provide specific elements. We engage a vast network of specialists including ecologists, noise and transport consultants and landscape and visual experts.



A pre-application is a way to anticipate any barriers and showstoppers involved in the application process, as well as pull out any specific information that will need to be added to the application.


We assist with providing an outline of the project which is then submitted to your local authority. On your behalf, we put information together about the site and identify the potential environmental risks and how we intend to mitigate against them.


The authority will then deliver some feedback and provide an outline of the information they expect to see in an application. This is not compulsory but can help things run more smoothly once the application is in progress. 



There are many factors to be considered when costing out planning and permitting projects. There will be a fee for the time spent completing the application, plus any separate specialist time and reports.


At E4environment, we aim to give you an honest estimate based on all eventualities to help you budget as far as possible.


Our philosophy and experience is that it's best to know the potential pitfalls upfront and be pragmatic. 

Tell us more about your project, and we will provide a free action plan for getting your permit or planning application started

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch!

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