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Calculate your business carbon footprint

A 1-2-1 carbon footprint calculation service to suit every business - from SMEs to large organisations. 

Calculating your carbon footprint is time consuming and complex, so once you start to consider the carbon emissions linked to your business it can soon become overwhelming. 


Our consultants are experienced in calculating carbon footprints for a variety of businesses - from estates and farms to banks. 

Why calculate my business carbon footprint? 

There are several reasons why calculating your business carbon footprint is beneficial. 


Understanding your carbon emissions makes you aware of the most energy intensive areas of your business. This can lead to the identification of opportunities to reduce energy use. This improved efficiency can lead to measurable cost savings. 

Your carbon footprint may also be requested by potential customers, or as part of bidding for contracts. Calculating your business carbon footprint shows that you are taking responsibility for your business environmental impact. 

Finally, ethical spending is on the rise. Sharing your carbon footprint and carbon reduction plan with customers will enhance brand reputation and give you an edge on competition. 

How we calculate your carbon footprint

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol splits your emissions into three categories: Scopes 1, 2, and 3. 

We begin with Scopes 1 & 2 which are direct (e.g from delivery drivers) and indirect emissions (e.g your use from energy providers). 

Our consultant will conduct an audit of your business to assess direct emissions, and will handle all data required to measure indirect emissions. 

We project manage your carbon footprint calculation and advise that you revisit with us every year to ensure consistency in the calculation. 

We can also work with you to develop a business carbon reduction plan. 

Let’s Work Together

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