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Carbon reduction plans are becoming a mandatory part of doing business 

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All businesses need to be prepared to provide carbon reduction plans as part of the tender process. 

A Carbon Reduction Plan is a belt and braces approach to strengthening your business. Having this information to hand allows you to demonstrate the actions your business is taking in there short and long term to cut carbon emissions., 


Having Carbon Reduction Plan also helps to prevent greenwashing and aids transparency between you and your customers. The Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2021 shows that ethical spending has now broken the £100bn mark, and that consumers are increasingly discerning when it comes to environmental credentials. 

What is a Carbon Reduction Plan? 

A carbon reduction plan is a formal document that sets out…

  • A summary of your business and your main environmental impact areas

  • All actions currently taken to limit your impact, as well as an overview of past carbon footprint assessments.

  • Carefully identified targets for carbon reduction. 


This document will help you comply with PPN/06 21 and other contract requirements.


Is a Carbon Reduction Plan right for my business?

An CRP is becoming an essential element of the tender process. It is also ideal for you if you haven't yet started considering your business's environmental impacts, or if you need a boost prior to applying for B Corp or ISO 14001 accreditation.

Looking to book your annual review? Please email to schedule a 1-2-1

Talk us through your business, and we'll take care of the rest

  1. Get in touch with the details of any current environmental policies, accreditation, or actions plans.

  2. You complete two short online questionnaires to identify any gaps in your approach and opportunities to act 

  3. We arrange a Teams call with one of our environmental consultants. We discuss the nuances of your business and our recommendations to further reduce environmental impacts over the coming year.

  4. We arrange a convenient date to conduct an optional environmental site audit either remotely or in person. 

  5. We create your Carbon Reduction Plan and answer any questions you may have. 

How much does it cost? 

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to Carbon Reduction Planning. which is why we don't lump our customers into tiers.


Please email us with details of your company size, activities and any other necessary information and we will provide a quote. 

Let’s Get Started

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