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Case Study: ground source heat pump installation

In 2019, E4environment Ltd gained planning permission for a Shropshire farmer to install two Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) intended to provide heat for crop drying floors.

Concrete drying floors are used for drying grain. Slabs are installed on solid ground and then an air tunnel is formed, and hot air is blown under the slabs. This air is then released through mesh strips which dries the products above.

To reduce the running costs of this facility, E4environment were engaged to consult on renewable energy sources and apply for the relevant planning permission.

Our consultant project managed the process, engaging an ecologist and conducting a Landscape and Visual Assessment.

GSHP technology makes sense for most farm sites because, despite the initial disturbance to land, excavations only need to go down to around 1.2m and require less than one hectare of land. Once the plant is installed, pastureland recovers quickly.

For non-farm sites, it is far better to install GSHP at the beginning of any project as part of the infrastructure.

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