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Anaerobic Digester installation - our experience

E4environment Ltd has been involved with anaerobic digesters (on-farm and industrial) since the late 1990s, liaising with the Environment Agency and local planning authorities across the country.

Projects have taken us across the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland, working on a variety of plant sizes to generate electricity, heat, and vehicle fuel from mainly agricultural wastes.

Our Experience - Biogas projects

  • Ludlow AD Plant, 2005 (the UK’s first food waste demonstrator plant)

  • Harper Adams University College plant (this facility won a number of high profile awards including Renewable Energy Facility of the Year & Best Use of Biogas at the Renewable Energy Infrastructure Awards)

  • Willand Biogas AD plant, Devon

  • Ixora Energy Ltd AD Plants at Clyst St Mary and South Molton

  • Bearley Farm, Somerset

  • Tinwald, Scotland

We’ve successfully completed 40 – 44 applications of which only 2 have been refused.

The plants we have worked on vary in size from small 80kW to most of them being between 1-4 MW. The largest volume of organics was 120,000 tonnes per annum of feedstock. Generally the plants were waste plants using a mix of agricultural crop and waste, food waste and energy crop or poultry products waste.

Interested in finding out more about the feasibility of your AD project? Give us a ring on 01743 343403 for a no obligation discussion, or contact us.


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