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Cool Shropshire & Telford

A FREE environmental support scheme for local micro businesses and SMEs looking to better understand their environmental impacts and identify opportunities to become more sustainable.

Launched in May 2022, Cool Shropshire & Telford is the result of collaboration between our Enterprise Engagement team, Shropshire based consultancy E4environment Ltd, and Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Councils.

This online platform (accessible here) allows businesses to register and complete two easy steps that will set them on their way to better understanding and managing their environmental impacts.

The first step involves a Green Regulations Review, which is basic housekeeping and takes around five minutes to complete. Next, users can complete the Green Goalsetting step. This runs businesses through various environmental aspects, inviting the user to consider what actions are currently being taken, as well as what can be set as a goal for the coming year. The resulting Goals suite provides an action plan with the steps required to achieve each goal set.

Today, too few small businesses in Shropshire are acting on climate change. At the same time, more and more larger organisations are expecting their suppliers to act and provide evidence to support this. The downloadable Goals pdf provided by Cool Shropshire & Telford clearly demonstrates evidence of an action plan.

Lack of clear advice, and knowing where to find information, are two of the obstacles to progress. Cool Shropshire and Telford aims to unblock such issues, providing clear, concise advice, sign-posting organisations to further support where needed.

We’re keen to get our small businesses on board, acting on climate change across the county. So, when you’re in conversation with business people in your town, whether they be a local tradesperson, IT consultancy, haulage company, the owner of the newsagent or a hotelier, then please encourage them to sign up at:

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