How to help a tired bee

How to help a tired bee

How to help a tired bee

Having paid a lot of interest in our local busy bees, having put our bee cafe in – we thought we could share this bit of adviIMG_6367 (600x800)ce.

It can be quite alarming to find a bee that isn’t looking too busy. As summer commences, we are more used to seeing bees bumbling about in fresh blooms rather than on the ground.

If you see a bee that looks a bit fatigued, there is something you can do to revive it.

The RSPB recommends that a sweet drink, consisting of sugar and water, could be the refreshment a tired bee needs!

Simply mix around two tablespoons of white, granulated sugar with one tablespoon of water. Place a few drops in the bottom of a small cup, or on a teaspoon (not enough for it to drown!), and give the bee a few minutes to drink.

Although it would seem appropriate to feed the bee honey, the RSPB advise against it. A lot of the honey we eat is imported and so might not be good for our native species.

Hopefully, the sugar and water solution will be enough sustenance for the bee to find its way back to the hive.



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