Case Studies

Planning and permits 40 AD Sites

We have completed some 40 AD planning applications for farmers across the UK, enabling them to benefit from this growing form of renewable energy technology. For most of these applications, we were also obtained the correct environmental permit.

Agricultural Grant Support

We have worked with several farmers and rural businesses to successfully obtain funding for various projects such as development of a wedding venue, camp sites, cattle management systems, woodland and precision farming equipment.  We discuss the requirements and the steps of the process and complete the steps of the application and where required, attend meetings with funders.

AD Plant – Bridgnorth

At E4environment we supported our client throughout permitting stages for their 3MW AD plant, which processes food waste. Since the site was set up, we have further assisted them in putting an EMS in place and managing permitting variations.

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E4environment has assisted with their Environmental Management System, having recently conducted an ISO 9001, 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 gap analysis prior to their having an external audit to ensure compliance. We have previously compiled their aspects and legal registers and we are currently working on their EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) Statement ready for re-accreditation later this year.




Tension Control Bolts -TCB 

E4environment assisted the designer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high Strength Friction Grip/Pre-loaded bolting system. High strength TCBs are used in a wide range of applications from bridge splice plates to beam-to-column connections, from stadia roof trusses to rail switches and crossings.

E4environment conducted an Environmental Review to assess the priority action areas and ensure the company met their legal and environmental permit obligations.

Mueller Europe Ltd  -Copper Tube manufacturer

We have supported a manufacturer of Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications.

E4environment has worked with this company since 2001, completing its annual packaging data returns. Over the years we have completed waste flow study and mass balance exercise.  Increasingly we support them with ISO14001 transition from 2004 to 2015 standard and providing monthly legal regulatory updates and assist with issues arising.


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Retailer – Environmental Accreditation

E4environment worked alongside a food retailer in assisting them in a straight-forward route to accreditation and recognition for the actions they take to reduce their impact on the environment. The Green Achiever scheme aided this company in improving their CSR, whilst further improving their environmental performance.

Distributor of DIY goods – Packaging Compliance

Importers of DIY products with suppliers constantly being updated, sampling was the most appropriate method. The data is the compiled with existing product data from previous years. The total packaging data is then determined and then submitted to their chosen compliance scheme and any follow up questions are answered. We provide a report detailing our methods and estimate the total amount required for the packaging obligation invoice.

Online Retailer – Packaging Compliance

The number of products sold by the company is extensive, and data is collated by contacting suppliers to calculate the total packaging figures. The final data is then submitted to the chosen compliance scheme and any follow up questions are answered. We provide a report detailing our methods and estimate the total amount required for the packaging obligation invoice.

Importer of Household Goods – WEEE and Battery Compliance

Our client imports a range of goods sold throughout the UK, these products include a number of Electrical Goods and Batteries. A list of products sold within the period is requested and we consult our own database to determine the weights of the electrical and battery products sold. The data is the submitted to our clients chosen scheme.

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Construction Site – Site Waste Management Plan/ Legislation

E4environment worked alongside a construction company, who needed a legally compliant Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP). In supporting the company, we highlighted the legislation in which they must comply with and set up a clear procedure in which to follow at each site, where waste was handled.


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