What does COP21 mean for my business?

COP21We have taken a look at the COP21 Agreement to see how the decisions made are likely to have an impact on British companies. Although most of the following consequences are unlikely to be immediate, there is no harm in preparing for future environmental demands.

  • Tighter regulations on businesses to limit emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases. Unlike the first impact of COP21, which will provoke a largely voluntary response, we suspect that further regulations will be put into place to legally bind some businesses into curbing their emissions. This will involve emissions reporting and the setting of targets for a broader range of sectors.
  • Environmental best practice along the supply chain. Although businesses are expected to follow environmental best practice currently, we suspect that transparency along the supply chain will become the focus of ensuring goods and services carry a low carbon footprint. Expect to be asked for your carbon footprint.
  • Climate Change Plans. With the effects of climate change more clear than ever, businesses will be expected to form a plan that outlines how they will adapt to changes (flooding etc) that will disrupt elements of their operations. E4environment will be offering bespoke Climate Change Plans from 2016 so please contact us for more information. 

2016 is soon to be upon us, and so perhaps it’s time to review your environmental policy with this in mind. What will your new years resolutions be? Get in touch and let us know.

Take a look at what delegates at COP21 had to say about business’s role in climate change action.