Welcome to the E4environment Blog

Welcome to the E4environment Blog

MandyI’d like to take the credit for starting this blog but, to be fair, this idea was a culmination of discussions that we had in the office one day. Delia from Shropshire Council called in for a meeting about the Carbon Economy. She’d been to a workshop in the morning about blogging and its use in business. My initial thought was that it couldn’t work for us, we’re consultants, we advise people, we sell our expertise – how could a blog possibly help us? Anyway, here we are a couple of months later giving it a go. Our aim is to give a bit away about ourselves and what we actually do in a normal working day.

So here’s my “starter for 10”.

It’s a new year. I had so many plans to get prepared for the challenges of next year, then managed to get flu. Not man flu, proper “can’t get out of bed” flu. Anyway, whilst quietly dying on the sofa, I’ve had chance to file some of the 7000 ish emails that were sitting in my inbox. I’m now down to 4000. Why is it that some people are so disciplined about keeping their inbox so tidy and others ( including me) are not? I have this theory that if you spend time clearing stuff out of cupboards and filing cabinets it tends to free up space for new things to enter your life.

Back at work everyone’s feeling fairly upbeat. It’s the time of year where we work with many of our clients to put packaging data together for submission to the Environment Agency. This is always a fraught time as there’s a lot of work to be done over a short space of time. Generally, this involves us getting sales data, writing to suppliers or carrying out sampling to get the weights and material types of the packaging used or passed on by a business. This data is then used to calculate a company’s obligation to recycle various packaging materials – wood, plastic, steel, aluminium, paper/card. Not many people realise that businesses are financially supporting the recycling and reprocessing sector via the ” Producer Responsibility Packaging (Waste) Regulations” and have been doing so since 1997.

The new area of work that we’re involved with is ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme) – again a legislatively driven compliance report that has to be submitted by companies in December.

So it looks like a busy year for us!

Blog post by Mandy Stoker

Published on 9th February 2015


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