The UK Air Quality Plan

The UK Air Quality Plan – What it means for business


The UK Air Quality Plan – What it means for business

traffic-2251530_1920Last week the ‘Draft UK Air Action Plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide’ was published online. Here are some aspects that you might want to know about. They could come in handy when making decisions about the company fleet, haulage, and new technology.

  1. Clean Air Zones 

Clean Air Zones will be expanded around the UK and could see diesel vehicle drivers being charged to enter. Vehicles that fall below the Euro 6 emissions standard may be banned from entering these zones unless a charge is paid. The creation of a Clean Air Zone, and whether it is non-charging or charging, is down to the local authority.

Birmingham and Leeds have committed to becoming Clean Air Zones by 2020.

  1. Incentives to move away from diesel

As part of the Autumn Budget 2017 there is likely to be a revision of VED tax on diesel vehicles. To sweeten the deal, a diesel scrappage and retrofitting scheme has been proposed (although whether it will come into being, or be taken up to any significant degree, remains to be seen). There is also funding in place to assist with the purchase of electric vehicles.

3. Funding for electric vehicles

The Plug-in Car Grant can offer businesses up to £4,500 off the price of a new electric car. The Air Quality Plan also proposes a significant increase in the availability of rapid charging or ‘plug in’ points.

  1. The future: hydrogen fuel

Off the back of this plan, the government are looking to match-fund enterprises that produce hydrogen vehicles. £23 million will be invested in improving the uptake of hydrogen vehicles, and in more cutting-edge infrastructure such as fuel stations.

Read the full report here.


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