So What’s it Like to Work for E4environment?

So What’s it Like to Work for E4environment?

A little bit about me

My passion for the environment started when I was little, growing up in a small parish outside Shrewsbury I was always out in the woods making dens and climbing trees. My Grandparents were keen bird watchers and were always testing me on what was feeding off their many bird tables.

During school I always found geography easy and so it was only right to take it further and study for A Levels and eventually completing a degree in Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University. Well to study in such a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and the sea it’s no wonder that my passion deepened. After Uni I took a gap year to travel around New Zealand which was such a joy, working on various ecological projects as well as partaking in some kiwi adventures such as sky-diving and canyoning (gorge walking). If it wasn’t for the poor tasting Marmite I would have stayed!

Working for E4

I have been working for the company for just over 1 month and I have got to say that I have thoroughly landed on my feet. After applying for government ecological schemes and to other large companies and hearing nothing back, I decided to take job hunting into my own hands and so instead of filling out numerous application forms I sent my CV off to E4 hoping to seek some volunteering work only to find that I was offered a paid permanent position!

What is there not to like about this place? I drive up the long farm track past the young calf’s and their mothers and I am met at the entrance by two friendly, if not a little silly, farm dogs.

The team have been incredibly welcoming, especially with my funny taste for herbal tea! The team are so friendly and approachable, making me feel like I have been here longer than I have.

During the next few months I will hopefully undertake desk top studies on Anaerobic Digestion plants and other renewable energies. I also hope to develop my passion for ecology. I have already started work on the new woodlands project and have set about updating a number of environmental technical guides. The working of planning and permitting for various environmental projects will also be learnt over the coming weeks so I can safely say I do learn something every day.

My next step will hopefully be working towards becoming a graduate member of CIEEM- the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management as well as working towards becoming a consultant.

So thank you E4environment for giving me this opportunity.

Live long and prosper.

Blog post by Emma Sumner

E4environment is an environmental consultancy providing professional, practical advice and expertise to both the private and public sector on a wide range of environmental issues.