Schools out for summer!

Schools out for summer!

Schools out for summer!

Summer is finally here and that means school’s out! If you are currently panicking and wondering how to occupy the kids over the holidays, never fear! E4environment is here to give you some ideas for environmentally friendly activities you can try to keep them entertained as well as teaching them the importance of caring for the environment – and guess what. A lot of these ideas are free to, what are you waiting for?

Here are some ideas for you to try:

  1. Get your hands dirty in the garden – Getting kids outdoors and enjoying nature starts at home, so get them outside and do a bit of gardening. You could even consider making your own compost with your food waste! It’s a great way for them to learn about recycling and science whilst improving the environment. child-559407_640
  2. Whilst you’re in the garden, why not try and complete your own ecological survey? See what plants and animals you can find. You could even print off a game of garden bingo and have a competition to see who can find the most! You’ll be surprised how much is on your doorstep!
  3. Join a local wildlife group and take part in some conservation work. Not only will you learn more about the wildlife in your area, you will also be helping to protect it for future generations to enjoy!
  4. Go on a staycation – If you are thinking of going on holiday this summer, consider staying in the UK. Aeroplanes use a lot of fuel so if you can avoid flying, you will be dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. With the currently poor foreign exchange rates, you could also get more for your money on UK holiday. There are plenty of fantastic things to explore back home, from the Lake and Peak Districts of England, The Welsh Coastal Path, The Highlands and Islands of Scotland or the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland.
  5. Get Upcycling! If there are things in your home that are getting old or broken, don’t throw them away, work together to upcycle them into something. What about a bottle light shade, or chipped crockery as plant pots? upcycling-1437931_640
  6. Write a meal plan as a family – less food waste. Get everyone involved in what meals to have for the week. Therefore when it comes to shopping, you’re sticking to a strict list and nothing will be wasted. Everything you buy will be used at some point. (You might even find you save money too!)
  7. Get crafty! Some items such as yoghurt pots, egg boxes and plastic bottles can be saved from the bin and used for a family art project. Who doesn’t like getting creative and making a bit of a mess? Plastic bottle idea – use it to make a paper mache volcano!

stop-863665_640Happy holidays everyone! Get outside, learn something new and make the most of it whilst the sun is out!

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