Site Feasibility Study

Do you need independent advice regarding the right renewable energy option for your home, farm, community or business?

Working in partnership with Agrovista, we offer Site Feasibility Studies for renewable energy development.  As part of this service we offer technical, regulatory and financial information that will be critical to your project.

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The study will include details on technical issues such as potential for energy generation (wind speeds, solar potential), access to site for development, grid connection and potential issues such as telecommunications and aviation.  It will also highlight environmental constraints such as ecology, landscape and visual, archaeology, landscape designations, local setting, cultural heritage as well social impacts such as noise and light flicker.

We offer Site Feasibility Studies for the following technologies –

  • Wind
  • Solar PV
  • Anaerobic Digestion

After the study has been carried out we provide guidance through the next stages of the development including advice on installers, preparation of the planning application (if required), environmental impact assessment, environmental permits, liaison with licensed energy suppliers and financial advice.

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What is a Site Feasibility Study? 

A site  feasibility study assesses whether a proposed development is environmentally suited to the chosen location prior to the planning and permitting stage.

Evidence collected through this process will highlight any potential complications (to do with transport, ecology, archaeology, flood risk etc) meaning that you can make informed decisions regarding the placement and construction of your renewable project.