Anaerobic Digester Services

Once you have an idea about whether AD is for you, you may then start to look at the technology available. We can help you identify reputable suppliers of biogas equipment. 

E4environment can carry out the following:

  • Feasibility study/business plan
  • Funding and grant applications
  • Planning applications including Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental permit applications
  • Environmental Management System

How is income generated from AD?

Payment for Power
Where excess power is diverted to the National Grid, a payment will be provided from 3p per unit. This is negotiable with the licensed supply (electricity company)

Use of the power generated at the farm or business will save around 10p/unit. In other words instead of buying electricity from a power company it can be used directly from the AD plant.

Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs)
AD facilities are eligible for the FITs. Facilities up to 250kW are entitled to 14.0 p/kWh and facilities of 250kW to 500kW are entitled to 13.0 p/kWh. The lifetime of the tariff is 20 years. These bands and tariffs take effect from 1 August 2011.

Renewables Obligation
The Renewables Obligation (RO) is the main support scheme for large-scale (>5MW) renewable electricity projects in the UK. A Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) is a green certificate issued to an accredited generator for eligible renewable electricity generated within the United Kingdom and supplied to customers within the United Kingdom by a licensed electricity supplier.
Anaerobic digestion is among the technologies that receive additional support in the form of multiple ROCs. Anaerobic digestion can receive 2 ROCs/ MWh.

For further information please call Mandy on 01743 343403 or email

Is AD right for me?

Before you invest, ask yourself:

  • Do you have access to sufficient feedstock?
  • Is there a market for the digestate?
  • Do you have suitable access, storing and handling facilities?
  • Are you willing to take on high capital project with capital rich initial period (i.e. can delayed returns be absorbed in your cash flow model)?