Record High Usage of Resources Globally in 2021

Record High Usage of Resources Globally in 2021

Despite the pandemic slowing the world down throughout 2020 and 2021, global use of resources hit a record of 101.4 billion tonnes of raw materials in 2021. This number surpasses the 100 billion tonne usage in 2019 and despite this, the rate of recycling or reusing has remained the same throughout the past three years.

According to a report from Circle Economy, 70% of the world’s emissions link in some way to manufacturing and using products.  Continuing to follow this path of resource use could see us using up to 184 billion tonnes of raw resources by 2050 and would make achieving the goal of 1.5oC global warming impossible.

Solutions presented by Circle Economy suggest using less resources and using them longer, regenerating nature and natural resources and then recycling.  Doing this could reduce up to 22 billion tonnes of global emissions. However, the Circle Economy warns that most businesses and nations focus on recycling first rather than reducing and reusing.


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