E4environment Services Brochure

Obtaining planning permission for developments can be a complicated process but, at E4environment, we can support you every step of the way.

We offer guidance in the following areas (click for more information)

The stages of a planning application:

  • Preplanning consultation – Initial consultation with your Local Planning Authority (LPA).
  • Public consultation – development of public consultation programmes and materials for consultation.
  • Screening Request – some projects, depending on their size and what they are, may need a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Scoping Opinion – If an EIA is required, we can confirm the require scope of the EIA.
  • Planning Application – we can complete your planning application form and put together the supporting information that is required following the scoping process.
  • Post Planning – once your application has been submitted, we can assist with any queries from the LPA.

“10 Do’s and Don’ts of Planning”

To download a free copy of our “10 Dos and Don’ts of Planning” click on the links below.


For more information, please email or phone 01743 343403.