E4environment Ltd specialises in the preparation of planning applications for developments that operate in the waste management, agricultural and renewable energy sectors. Our technical ability as professional environmental consultants means that we can produce a first class environmental statement to support your application.  We are able to provide or commission a full range of reports to accompany your planning application. 

The stages of a planning application:

  • Preplanning consultation – Initial consultation with your Local Planning Authority (LPA).
  • Public consultation – development of public consultation programmes and materials for consultation.
  • Screening Request – some projects, depending on their size and what they are, may need a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Scoping Opinion – If an EIA is required, we can confirm the require scope of the EIA.
  • Planning Application – we can complete your planning application form and put together the supporting information that is required following the scoping process.
  • Post Planning – once your application has been submitted, we can assist with any queries from the LPA.

For more information, please email or phone 01743 343403.