Environmental Permitting

Environmental Permitting

We provide expert support, guidance and project management to individuals and businesses across the UK and Ireland looking to attain an environmental permit, deployment or exemption.  Whether you need a standard permit, bespoke permit or research and development permit, E4environment Ltd can help.

We can also help with permit transfer, variation or surrender as well as Local Authority Permits.  We are also happy to assist with any individual elements of a permit, such as Fire Prevention Plans, Environmental Risk Assessments etc.

E4environment Ltd has prepared environmental permit applications for anaerobic digestion facilities, composting sites, waste transfer stations, waste recycling sites, WEEE facilities, food manufacturing sites, industrial installations, land spreading, poultry and pig units as well as many others.

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Please call 01743 343403 or email info@e4environment.co.uk for more information or to discuss your requirements.