Our Service
E4environment specialises in compiling applications for environmental permits, particularly for anaerobic digesters, waste treatment facilities, agricultural and industrial installations. Through careful understanding of your business operations, both now and in the future, we can help you to choose the right permit and pull together all the required information in our comprehensive, ‘one-stop-shop’ service. This means that you can side-step a deluge of correspondence with various consultants while we use our well established network to gather data on your behalf.

E4environment Services Brochure


E4environment are able to provide the following services:

  • Project Management, from start to finish;
  • Local Authority Permits;
  • R&D Permits for New Technologies;
  • Exemptions;
  • Standard permits;
  • Bespoke permits;
  • Bespoke Installation Permits;
  • WEEE Facility Permits;
  • Permit Surrender, Transfer or Variation
  • Fire prevention plans

Do You Need a Permit or Exemption?

An environmental permit or exemption may be required if your business manages or produces waste that may cause harm to the environment.  This may include activities such as:

  • Receiving and processing green or construction waste.
  • Discharging process water to a foul sewer.
  • Manufacturing food.
  • Managing an anaerobic digester.
  • Storing electronic waste.
  • Spreading manure on farm or extracting water.

You may also need a permit if you are a high energy user or incinerate materials. To see if you need a permit click the following link:

If you need help or advice regarding a permit or exemption please call 01743 343403 or email