Anyone that has had to take responsibility for collecting data on the packaging handled in their business will know that it can be complex, data rich and requires not only a good understanding of the legislation but good analytical skills too.  As a consultancy that assists many companies to complete the data returns under the requirements of the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Wastes) Regualtions, we are able to empathise with you.  We collate and analyse a great range of data from all sorts of businesses from retail, wholesale to manufacturing. Until recently, we relied on the use of spreadsheets, which, as useful as they are, can become complex and unwieldy leading to errors.


What is GRIPS?

We came across GRIPS, developed by an Irish company, Greenstreets Environmental Ltd, who use the software for compliance with similar Regulations in Ireland and Australia. It’s a simple, yet powerful software solution that allows you to hold data, map the flows of packaging and calculate your data returns. It can be integrated with existing systems or act as a standalone system.  Not only that, it can be interrogated via a drill down process allowing you to complete an audit with the Regulator as painlessly as possible.


We like the system so much that we’ve become the UK’s only agent. Want to know more? Simply download the brochure, or contact us.

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