Packaging Data Service

Gathering and analysing large amounts of data on an annual basis is a complex and time consuming procedure. We know this because, unlike any other packaging data service, we have been completing data returns since 1997. E4environment is not a compliance scheme and, therefore, can provide independent advice about different schemes and submit data to any scheme. The long term relationships that we have with clients pay testament to our success and experience in this field.

If you handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging waste and have a turnover of more than £2 million, you will be well aware of the Producer Responsibility Packaging and Waste Regulations – and the actions required to comply.

For most organisations, collecting packaging data can be hugely time consuming, complex and frustrating. As a heavily regulated area with hefty fines for non-compliance, we understand the importance of getting your data in on time.

At E4 Environment, we can do it for you. Working in association with Greenstreets, our friendly and experienced team will:

Establish your data needs.

Gather data from suppliers.

Carry out sampling.

Analyse data.

Produce data return forms for your preferred compliance scheme.

Attend the Environment Agency Audit.

Hazardous Waste Returns

Why should you choose E4 Environment over others?

Simply, it’s because we offer excellent, efficient service for competitive rates.

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