‘One Less’ Poem for World Environment Day

‘One Less’ Poem for World Environment Day

A thought provoking poem for World Environment Day, by Alison Richards.


One Less

Word came down from the powers that be

A warmer world by over one degree

But what can I do, little ’ole me

Against raging storms and the rising sea?


Make a simple mantra, “Just One Less”,

Subject your choices to this key test

Science has laid any doubts to rest

Carbon reduction is our shared quest.


Ask not what your earth can do for you

All must change … not just the few

Here’s ten ideas to give you a clue

Make the commitment & see it through.


One less dirty, polluting motor

Make your car an electric dream.

One less trip to Costa Melanoma

Take a break from the flying machine.


One less digit on the thermostat

Put a jumper on, it won’t feel polar

One less kiloWatt hour on your bill

Source energy from the wind and solar.


One less device glowing, unused

Turn it off when there’s no good reason

One less mile from field to fork

Buy it local and in season.


One less easy takeaway binned

Eat what you buy, don’t throw it away

One less steak and bovine burp

Helps keep climate change at bay.


One less visit to shop at the mall

Buy less stuff and recycle instead

One less birth pushing up the numbers

This is the truth that cannot be said.


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