My Work Experience Week at E4 environment

My work experience week at E4 environment Ltd

My work experience week at E4 environment Ltd

work experience at E4

My week of work experience has been fantastic! I am very interested in Geography and Biology (taking a GCSE in both) and love to learn new things. Also, I am keen on learning about environmental issues like climate change and CO2 emissions, so this was an exciting opportunity for me.

I was given lots of different topics of work and research to do, such as environmental law, which made it even more intriguing. One of the research topics was Brexit, which was useful and interesting as it will affect me in day to day life.

My favourite was finding out about their sponsor a tree scheme and going to the woodland area to look at the growing trees they had planted. I learned all about how this scheme can help look after the environment and reduce your carbon footprint when writing a fact sheet about it. I also had a tour of Hilley farm around the E4 office on Wednesday, they have lots of adorable chicks in one of the buildings! Then on Thursday we went to visit a company that E4environment work with, it was very helpful to see the work they do in person.fluffy chicks

I found that there is a big difference from work to school, there is more freedom at work, but it is way more tiring- an 8 hour day compared to 6 hours of school!

I was a bit nervous about work so it was good that everyone there was really welcoming- even the dogs were friendly. And one thing I have learnt is that everyone there drinks A LOT of tea!
Thanks to everybody at E4 environment!

Charlotte Ball
(Soon to be YEAR 11, Meole Brace School)

Charlotte with Denis the fire engine at AR Richards

Charlotte with Dennis the fire engine at AR Richards


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