Misplaced freak weather

Misplaced freak weather

Misplaced freak weather

fallen-tree“Blustery showers”, that’s what the weatherman said, we could expect “blustery showers”.  So I’m standing in my living room, on the phone, when I witness a scene of carnage occurring in my garden.  My garden table and chairs go flying past my window, plate glass top lifted into the air and unceremoniously dumped on the gravel smashing into a thousand pieces; a large fir tree snaps like a twig and collapses on the grass; flower pots that I can barely move by hand are carted across the garden.  The phone call was cut short and I ran to the back door. Outside it was wild.  The wind was swirling around the yard and hail stones hit the windows with such a force I thought there was every chance the window would break.  Ironically, the weather vane (and the roof it was on) broke off and fell on the drive.

5 minutes later it was silent and the sky brightened up.  What the hell happened there? Then, it dawned on me.  It was probably my fault. I was responsible.

Ever since Trump was elected as the next President of the United States, I’ve been dwelling on the demise of the Paris (Climate Change) Agreement. Trump is a Climate Change denier. He believes that this is a “hoax” created by the Chinese. He has stated that if voted in, he would withdraw from the Agreement and effectively support fossil fuel industries.  He also said he’ll remove the solar pv from the Whitehouse. As the US is the second largest generator of carbon emissions, it could have a serious negative impact.

All of this is very, very disappointing.  I thought Brexit was bad enough with the lack of any mention of environmental issues of any sort but this could be a real game changer.  On my many discussions with friends (who were prepared to listen to my rantings) I decided that the only way that this topic could be placed higher up on the political agenda was if“we had some freak weather conditions”.  I should have been a bit more specific with my wish.  On reflection I should have substituted the “we” to “the USA” after all, giving us at Hilley a tornado is like preaching to the converted.




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