Let’tuce spare a thought about food

Let’tuce spare a thought about food

Lettuce crisis- Should we only be eating what’s available to us?

lettuce-1841273_640So hands up who went to the supermarket last week to buy a lettuce and was greeted by what looked like a barren land of empty plastic crates instead? Yes, me too. In the UK we have year-round access to a variety of nutritious, affordable food, produced both at home and imported from around the world.

With last week’s issue, with climates limiting the production of certain salad products around the world to supply the UK, it poses the question – should we only be eating food which we can seasonally supply over here i.e. winter root vegetables to tomatoes in the summer.

Why aren’t we exploiting our own produce, rather than relying on what we can import?  This could push and support our economy but also reduce our carbon footprint! How many of us actually look at where some of our probeets-1584454_640duce has travelled from. More often than not, it will be from a country the other side of the world. How much do we want that iceberg lettuce?

So it leads that thought, how different would our supermarkets and access to food be, If we only relied on our own produce? Would you sacrifice that salad for a vegetable soup, and reduction in emissions, leading to global warming? From the outset could be a daunting thought, but really you’d just learn to use what you had. You’d still be much more fortunate than a lot of people around the world.

Or is there another option? Could we only have limited amounts of this foreign produce? But like what we experienced last week, people appeared to rush to the shops and almost stock up (How people get through three bags of iceberg before it perishes in about 2 days is beyond me!)

We thought it was just an interesting topic to think about, and certainly spurred conversation here at E4environment. Just spare a thought next time you’re stood in the salad aisle of the supermarket – look where everything has come from.


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