Is the technology for recycling technology up to speed?

Is the technology for recycling technology up to speed?

Is the technology for recycling technology up to speed?

broken-display-2222010_640Don’t get me wrong, it is truly amazing the technology of today and how quickly things are developing. In my lifetime alone, mobile phones have not only been created but the improvement and advancement in technology from what used to be a little brick you could just make calls on to today’s smart phone era, is mind blowing – and that’s just a tip of the iceberg. Computers, machinery, gadgets… the ongoing list of what is available is vast. But what happens when we no longer have use for this item, or new swankier versions comes out and we wish to dispose of our unwanted appliances?

It comes to question, when new technology is designed do they prioritise how they it can be disposed of once there is no use for it or is unwanted. New materials or parts of technology when broken down may not have a certain method/ or disposal centre in order to get rid of it.

However, what spurred on this trail of thought was seeing the following video from Apple! They have a very swanky bit of kit which they call ‘Liam’. Liam is a large-scale robot, with 29 freestanding robotic arms at various skill stations. But while most assembly-line robots help put together products you’ll one day hold in your hands, Liam is hard at work disassembling your ruined, returned iPhones. This robocybernetics-1869205_640t takes apart up to 1.2 million phones a year.

Have a look at this bit of kit for yourself –       

It’s great to see such a large, ever growing company thinking about the environment and showing off their green ethos. Certainly makes us here, with our iPhone’s all on our desks in front of us feel better for having them.

Does your company like to think about its green ethos and want to have an accreditation to demonstrate your level of achievement?

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