How to Reach Sustainable Utopia – Diary of an SME:
“So what’s your office like then?” – The Grand Idea

How to Reach Sustainable Utopia – Diary of an SME:
“So what’s your office like then?” – The Grand Idea

P1030220-min“So what’s your office like then?” – The question I dread to hear from a client and the question has been asked on more than one occasion.  As a well-established environmental consultancy advising business clients nationally and internationally on how they can operate a more sustainable business, I always feel on the back foot when asked what our office is like.

At this point I usually make lots of positive statements about double sided printing, recycling everything, using public transport and getting power from Solar PV, but finish with a weak, defensive comment about not having control of our office building and therefore can’t do as much as we would like.

There are many companies in the same situation as us who would do more if they could – so what do you do when the opportunity is thrust upon you to change?  This is what we did. My blog is a live post and like you, we have no idea how this will turn out.

Our current office comprises a couple of rooms in a farmhouse. There’s no central heating but the views are great and we get to enjoy nature close up – nesting birds in the eaves, cows chewing the cud, trees in blossom and flood water rising and falling.  The farm owner mentioned that the farm needed to change to accommodate modern farm equipment.  This would mean moving sheds, which in turn would leave a number of redundant farm buildings which, by developing them, would help the farm to diversify.  We agreed and jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

It was agreed after much debate, to have a mixed use:

  • Residential properties
  • Offices
  • Holiday lets
  • Workshop

One of the offices would be for us (yippee) and we can now create a sustainable environment, as well as a place where we would love to work.  By collaborating with the farm we are doing something to future-proof our businesses and do something great.  And we have just the team for it.   We’re going to do something great.

I’ll leave you with some photos of the collecting sheds, which are set to be our new office!



Stay turned for Part 2 of our How to Reach Sustainable Utopia series!



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