Getting My Head around the Packaging Regulations

Getting My Head around the Packaging Regulations

GeorgeSo a new year is upon us and with it comes new challenges, new clients and more work! Specifically this year as well as my other areas of work, I’ve been given the challenge of trying to get my head around the maze that is the producer responsibility regulations and packaging data returns.

It’s something E4environment have been doing for a long time, so I’m fortunate to be around experts in the field who have dealt with packaging over the last 15 years to guide me. There’s a large area to cover and isn’t something I’m going to pick up overnight, however being thrown in at the deep end is often the best way to learn!

With the work I’ve carried out so far I can see why “packaging season” is often such a burden for already busy companies who simply don’t have the time to carry out the work themselves. So it’s been my job to help ease that burden and get to grips with the work, so you don’t have too!

As part of the work I have to utilise the magic of excel to complete calculations and work out a company’s packaging obligation, which has been great for improving my Excel and ever so slightly rusty maths skills.

With the packaging regulations changing almost yearly, being at E4 is the perfect place to have my finger on the pulse in order to update all our existing clients of any possible changes to their required packaging obligation for the calendar year.

Complexities aside, I have found the work interesting and varied. Knowing that it has a positive impact on the environment and reduces the amount of waste a company produces, encourages me to continue to help my clients and help them calculate their packaging obligation trouble free.

So if you need help with the complexities of the packaging regulations, or require an expert opinion on you obligation, then please do have a look at our website, and get in touch. We offer a fully comprehensive packaging data service and would be delighted to help.

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