The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

This is new legislation which requires large businesses (and their corporate groups) to carry out an audit on their energy usage and then report back to the Environment Agency.

If your business has a turnover of more than £39.4 million (€50 million) AND a balance sheet of more than £33.1 million (€43 million), OR has more than 250 employees, you must comply with the ESOS regulations. Organisations subject to the 2006 Public Contract Regulations are exempt from ESOS.

To fulfil the demands of this legislation, you will need to carry out an audit to assess energy use. E4environment offer a complete service to ensure compliance with the scheme.

To find out if you are obligated, check our handy flowchart:

ESOS Obligation Tree

If you think you are obligated and would like to know more, please contact Deb Cairns on 01743 343403 or

We can help you with this by guiding you through this simple 3 Step process:

Step 1

Scoping Assessment – This preliminary form can be completed online or over the phone with one of our consultants. It helps us get a better idea of your audit requirements from the outset in order to give a more accurate audit that is relevant to your business.

Step 2

Energy audit – Our Stroma accredited assessors will make a visit to the site, assessing your energy use and highlighting areas in which energy can be saved.

Step 3

Identification of energy saving opportunities and submission of your compliance report to the Environment Agency – Following the audit, suggestions will be made on ways in which your business can cut energy use. These are currently non-compulsory but may be made mandatory in the future. If you wish to carry out some of these changes, we can assist you in kick starting your energy saving projects.

What are the benefits of complying with ESOS? 

Potential Cost Savings

Your company or organisation can look to save money by streamlining your operations and cutting down energy use in areas such as transport, office buildings and industrial processes.

Reducing Environmental Impact

In making efforts to reduce your energy usage, there are many associated environmental benefits. This includes the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted via your operations which can lead to a more sustainable future for your business.

Want to know more? E4environment senior consultant Deb Cairns delivers a webinar on ESOS in partnership with SHP. To view the webinar follow this link and register on the website.