Environmental Policy


E4 environment Ltd provides guidance on environmental issues, particularly for the waste and renewable energy sectors. We help companies measure their environmental impact and performance, working towards becoming accredited through the Green Achiever Scheme.

This is the first year that we have produced a Self Declaration of Environmental Commitment.   We have identified and comply with all environmental legislation relevant to our business activities, are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and reducing our impact on the environment by:

  • Recycling a wide variety of waste streams including paper, plastics, garden and food waste, electrical equipment , batteries and spent fluorescent lamps.  We also, sell or give away redundant supplies and unwanted equipment.
  • Reducing energy consumption by using energy efficient bulbs, turning electrical equipment off when not in use, using sleep features, using laptops rather than desktops and putting timers on heaters.
  • Monitoring our vehicle fuel consumption and regularly servicing our fleet.
  • Reducing our use of resources by using duplex and multiple page printing, using e-invoices where possible and buying recycled paper and pencils.
  • Monitoring our water consumption, using a grey-water harvesting system and using water saving devices in our toilets.
  • Saving resources by printing duplex, B&W and 2 pages per page for draft documents and buying recycled stationery.
  • Using eco-friendly products including purchasing Fairtrade products.

Although we are already demonstrating a significant reduction in our environmental impacts, over the next 12 months we are also committed to:

  • Continuing to reduce our environmental impact, aiming to achieve 5 stars.
  • Implementing a system of recycling and increasing the waste streams we recycle to include computers, monitors and scrap metals.
  • Generating some of our energy needs from solar panels on-site and purchasing our remaining energy needs through a renewable energy provider.
  • Purchasing lower energy replacement equipment and installing movement sensors to control lighting.
  • Implementing a car-sharing scheme, purchasing hybrid fleet vehicles and offsetting our carbon.
  • Putting in place a purchasing policy that considers environment and life cycle impacts in the decision making process.  Further we will start using freecycle for business and purchasing more eco-friendly and recycled products.
  • Supporting local charities and encouraging staff development through training, education and voluntary work.
  • Auditing our suppliers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.
  • Encouraging wider biodiversity by installing wildlife habitats on-site.

Date declaration agreed:


26th July 2021