Environmental Policy


E4 environment Ltd is a privately owned company providing expert environmental consultancy on legal compliance, planning, permitting and management systems to businesses and landowners. We are aware that our biggest potential environmental impact is the result of the actions carried out based on advice we provide to clients. To this end we ensure that good practice guidance is given where available and outputs are checked by experienced peers as part of our quality control system.

We have identified and comply with all environmental legislation relevant to our business activities and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by:

  • Implementing a system for recycling a wide range of waste streams including paper, plastic containers, ink cartridges, computers, monitors, electrical equipment, stamps, metal cans and batteries.
  • Sourcing our energy from solar panels.
  • Reducing energy consumption by using energy efficient bulbs, turning electrical equipment off when not in use, using sleep features, using laptops rather than desktops, purchasing lower energy replacement equipment and putting timers on heaters.
  • Reducing our use of resources by using duplex and multiple page printing, using einvoices where possible and buying recycled paper and pencils.
  • Using eco-friendly products including water based inks and purchasing Fairtrade products where possible.
  • Using public transport, where possible, for work purposes.
  • Encouraging staff to develop themselves through education, training and voluntary work.

Although we are already demonstrating a significant reduction in our environmental impacts, over the next 12 months we are also committed to:

  • Continuing to reduce our environmental impact, aiming to achieve 5 stars.

Date declaration agreed:


10th July 2017