Environmental Management

We understand that business owners want to reduce the environmental impact of their business and quite often follow an unwritten framework as to how this can be done. An Environmental Management System (EMS) picks up on those good practices already in action, and establishes them as part of company culture. E4environment caters for businesses that care about these matters, but that also seek a systematic way of ensuring involvement and commitment from staff in working towards measurable goals. We can work together to create a bespoke EMS, or alternatively businesses can become accredited with our Green Achiever Scheme – a way for businesses to demonstrate their green credentials.


What are the benefits of an EMS?

Common benefits for an organisation implementing an Environmental Management System can include:

  • Improved environmental awareness.
  • An increased awareness of your operations/processes leading to increased efficiency.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Legislative compliance

Virtually all businesses with an EMS save money through reductions in raw material use, energy and water consumption and waste production. It can also help to reduce insurance premiums. Furthermore, an EMS will help ensure that you are complying with relevant legal requirements, and can anticipate any forthcoming changes.

EMS Development - What are the stages?

Many companies are beginning to see the advantage of implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS).Our environmental consultants can help your company through this process. They will assess the environmental health of your company and identify actions that should be taken to improve or maintain these levels of health. We can provide training, workshops and progress reviews as and when required. Establishing an EMS can usually be split into the following 6 stages, all of which can be completed by our consultants, working together with your staff:

  • Completion of a Preliminary Environmental Review
  • Drafting of an Environmental Policy Statement
  • Developing a Register of Legislation
  • Drafting Procedures
  • Setting Targets
  • Monitoring Progress

How can I update our EMS to the new ISO14001 standard?

You’re probably aware of the ISO 14001 updates and we can help you implement them.

You will be now be ready for the changes that have been made to the ISO 14001 Standard, with the final version published in September 2015. While there is a three-year transition period for assessment, it’s worth being aware of what the changes mean so a planned transition can be sorted early. Some key actions include:

  • The requirement to consider the impact of the environment on the organisation as well as vice versa will have major implications on the Aspects and Impacts Register (and thus onto the Objectives and Targets, Policy and Legal Register);
  • There are new requirements of top management which mean that while achieving activities can be delegated, the accountability for ensuring they are achieved cannot be;
  • There needs to be an alignment of environmental policy and objectives with overall strategic direction of the organisation, and the EMS needs to integrate with other business processes rather than stand separately.
  • The requirement for a life-cycle perspective to be taken in respect of operational designs, production, use and end-of-life will have implications on business and operational procedures.

We have supported businesses in achieving their ISO14001 accreditation and have helped companies in understanding and making the required changes through the transition period.

If you are looking for guidance on updating your EMS or for more information on the specifics of the changes to the ISO Standard please contact us. If a full ISO14001 isnt what you are looking for , our Green Achiever Scheme is a great stepping stone to demonstrating your environmental performance.

Monthly Legal Updates  
Looking for a way to stay informed, not just on legal updates but on environment industry issues specific to your business? Our consultants offer a monthly service that will send a concise update to your inbox. To arrange your personalised update service, please contact Deb Cairns on 01743 343403 or use our contact form.