Do You Really Care?

Do You Really Care?

Do You Really Care?

We love companies that careleaf-2447433_1920

I don’t mind admitting it, but I have an almost obsessive and deep admiration for organisations that exhibit wider awareness about their activities and their impact on employees, the neighbourhood and the wider environment.  To my mind these companies show a great deal of intelligence and have a well-developed sense of responsibility. Because of that, I tend to go out of my way to buy those products and services – after all, they’re “nice” people.

I have particular favourites including Yorkshire Tea, Brew Dog and St Lukes for starters.  The common thread amongst these three is that their product is “top drawer”.   Brew Dog and St Lukes I admire because they’ve both thrown out the standard “How to run a business” manual and, instead, spent time thinking about the product for which they have a passion for and gone on to consider the environment in which they want to work.  Going with the inevitable view that work is where you spend around a third of your day, this should be enjoyable, satisfying and in a nice environment.

Brew Dog is a brewery making craft beer. It was set up by a couple of proper blokes that loved beer and had not a lot of money.  They worked hard and importantly, learned the minutest details about accountancy.  Their mission was to make other people as passionate about craft beer as they were.  So from 2 employees and 2 shareholders in 2007, in 2015 they had 540 employees and 32,000 shareholders.  This was the largest crowd funding scheme in history.   I don’t know what their environmental policy is but I feel that as they are so good with managing margins I would like to imagine that they are extremely good with managing their inputs and ensuring that there’s no waste.  James Watt is that correct?

St Lukes provides creative advertising and I came across them through a book given to me by my friend and PR consultant Nev (Stellasix).  Having had discussions with Neville he said, you sound just like a company called St Lukes, a really cool company with a great organisational ethos.  I’ve got the book, I’ll send it to you.  He did and I absorbed it with delight and great excitement.  They care about their employees – everyone is important, they have a really cool office which they believe helps them to be creative.  They also do lots of “Green Stuff” like Cool Earth which is a charity helping to stop the destruction of rainforests.  They were also the first agency of this type to be ISO14001 accredited which means they look after their environmental impacts.  Take a look at their website and you’ll see that with all their niceness they produce some fabulous adverts for all the big brands.  St Lukes – we think you’re lush.

The one that is close to my heart is Yorkshire Tea.  Yorkshire Tea has got to be the best tea available in this country.  I do not leave home without a stash of tea bags in my suitcase/ handbag because I can’t do without my tea fix and other brands just don’t do it for me. I love the quintessential Britishness of this brand.  If that wasn’t enough they are committed to improving their social and environmental standards and includes working with their growers in Assam to ensure working conditions are good and fair, improving housing and sanitation and providing education amongst other things.   Closer to home they have signed up to planting One Million Trees in the UK and Kenya. We at E4 give this a big thumbs up.  Then just when you think it couldn’t get any better they now have the gorgeous Brownlee brothers on their adverts. PERFECT. Thank all of you at Yorkshire Tea for making my World a much better place.



FOOTNOTE: If any businesses out there want to show their caring side why not sponsor trees through our tree planting programme.  Lots of lovely companies are signing up to hassle free love.


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