Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

ZoeOn Monday 23rd March, Erika and I attended a Digital Marketing workshop organised by Metnet and hosted by Daniel Rowles.

The event provided an insightful look at the latest trends and tools for marketing digitally.

It was very interesting to hear how much modern technology and social media is developing and changing the way that companies get their name and services out in the world and the effects that this has on the way that people both buy and sell products and services. Digital marketing is fast-changing, with more and more new apps, websites and other tools coming out. From an environmental point of view it’s good to hear about digital marketing, as this will save on waste, with companies reducing paper and card usage in favour of online marketing.

The workshop began with a quiz on statistics related to the internet, technology and digital marketing, which provided some eye-opening facts (over 20 years of video uploaded to YouTube everyday!) and ended with Daniel telling us all about some fascinating future technology which is currently being developed (bionic contact lenses!). A question and answer session followed.

As well as the knowledge, tips and advice, we left the event with a list of useful links to investigate.

Daniel runs a website, Target Internet, full of informative content, including a blog and Digital Marketing Podcasts.

Daniel is also on Twitter.

All who attended the workshop were provided with a free copy of The Digital Marketing Toolkit, which is a complete guide to all the best digital marketing tools.

I would like to thank Daniel Rowles and Metnet for a great workshop. I highly recommend and look forward to future workshops.

Blog post by Zoe Heath

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