Woodlands June 2016



E4 is looking to promote and fund this scheme with the support corporate businesses i.e. offer the opportunity for sponsorship on a bigger scale.  What are the benefits?resize

  • Contributing to the Climate Change Agreement – COP21
  • A splash of green – a tree serves as an icon for environmental issues and so sponsoring woodland works to engage with stakeholders and demonstrate your green credentials
  • An easy solution – woodland management and administration are all taken care of by us.
  • A lasting legacy – sponsoring woodland allows you to make a lasting impact on the environment and surrounding community.

So now that the woodland is planted and the trees are on their way towards reducing the impacts of flooding, creating habitats for biodiversity and expending carbon – what’s the plan from here? Why is sustenance still required?

Furthering on from existing research completed in our woodlands, E4 Environment is proposing further work in how planting more trees along the Rivers Severn and Vrynwy, impacts the local flooding but also the impact events downstream, in other counties. This would not only alleviate flood issues but of course it also implements all the other associated benefits of planting trees.

On sponsorship, you receive a certificate that allocates each tree to you. We do this by number tagging the trees so we can identify yours. We then can give you a yearly update on how your tree(s) are doing here at Hilley Farm.



Investing in woodland is both important and hugely rewarding.  Businesses such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury currently support woodland schemes because they see this as part of giving back to the environment. It’s part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

E4 environment has started a programme which actively encourages woodlands to be planted and long term benefits to be monitored through research. We would like inspire businesses to learn and get more involved.

“In Paris, there have been many revolutions over the centuries. Today it is the most beautiful and the most peaceful revolution that has just been accomplished – a revolution for climate change.” French President Francois Hollande summed up COP21.

The Paris Agreement articulates two long-term emission goals: first, a peaking of emissions as soon as possible (with a recognition that it will take longer for developing countries); then, a goal of net greenhouse gas neutrality (expressed as “a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks”) in the second half of this century.

We need to remove carbon from the atmosphere. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Plant for the Planet designed the ambitious “Billion Tree Campaign”. By planting and restoring vast numbers of trees, they aimed to promote environmental stewardship and reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations at a global scale. In December 2011, after more than 12 billion trees had been planted, UNEP formally handed management of the program over to the youth-led not-for-profit Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, based in Tutzing, Germany. Over 14.2 billion trees have been planted as of 2016. The Billion Tree Campaign calls upon all individuals, countries and companies to participate, and accepts all contributions.



If you wish to discuss options of how your business can add to its Corporate Social Responsobility (CSR) and get involved with sponsoring the woodland, you can get in touch by giving us a call or dropping us as email.

Phone: 01743 343403                                                         Email: trees@e4environment.co.uk