Corporate Sustainability

What is Corporate Sustainability?

Corporate sustainability can be viewed as a new and evolving corporate management model, it can be seen as an alternative to the traditional growth and profit-maximization approach.

Whilst corporate sustainability recognizes that corporate growth and profitability are important, it also requires the business to chase societal goals, specifically those relating to sustainable development — environmental protection, social justice and equity, and economic development.

Corporate sustainability requires a business approach that creates long-term consumer and employee value by creating a “green” strategy aimed towards the natural environment and taking into consideration every dimension of how a business operates.


Corporate sustainability flow chart

What are the aims of Corporate Sustainability?

Sustainability-related mega-trends are changing our world and should have a substantial impact on company’s decision makers for corporate business plans. Long-term challenges such as resource scarcity, demographic shifts and climate change are redefining public expectations, community policies, regulatory frameworks, and hence business environments and investment outcomes.

Such challenges create new prospects and threats that companies must address to remain competitive. Companies that anticipate and manage current and future economic, environmental and social opportunities and risks by focusing on quality, innovation and productivity will emerge as leaders and are more likely to create a competitive advantage and long-term stakeholder value. This has been spurred on by the debate on climate change, legislative requirements, and governmental targets along with investment support, customer and stakeholder pressure and in many cases a real business case to do something in this area.

Companies who demonstrate Corporate Sustainability

Companies demonstrating CS

Things to consider for corporate sustainability

Corporate environmental sustainability typically embraces the key areas of Environmental Management

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Energy Consumption
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Materials source Utilisation.

CS Tree


The quality of a company’s strategy and management and its performance in dealing with opportunities and risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments can be quantified and used to identify and select leading companies for investment purposes.

How E4environment can help you achieve corporate sustainability


Environmental Policy

Environmental Staff

Auditing & EMS

Ethical Investment

Carbon Management

Workers’ Rights

Sustainable Food



Energy Sources

Waste & Recycling

Carbon Reduction

Water Reduction

Here at E4environment we can help through the thought process of the above criteria, develop strategy and implement a system for managing it. To discuss how we can help you and find out more please give us a ring on 01743 343 403, or email us at

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