CEEQUAL Design and Build Award

CEEQUAL Design and Build Award

E4environment are celebrating with Keepmoat Homes on the Good CEEQUAL Design and Build Award they have achieved for the Chestnuts housing scheme in Sheldon, Birmingham. CEEQUAL stands for “The Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Awards Scheme” and aims to improve sustainability for civil engineering projects. It’s all about the civils of the project, not the houses themselves, so it looks at what’s considered and actioned to reduce the impact on, for example, the flood risk and water environment, how it could be improved, how the design and construction is planned in order to minimise waste – from how the site is managed to what materials are used, etc.

For the Chestnuts development (a project to provide 62 new houses, infilling on sites in a well-established residential area), sustainability was in-built from the start and as a result the distinctive landscape features were retained and indeed the green spaces were enhanced for the community by making them a more useable public amenity. Sustainable drainage plans were installed for the long-term sustainability of the development and Keepmoat did weekly monitoring of their energy and water use during the construction stage in order to keep this low.

E4environment acted as the CEEQUAL Assessors for the project, working closely with Keepmoat to enable them to achieve this award. Our congratulations go to them and the design team at Stewart & Harris.

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February 2015


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