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Project: AD plant at Manor Farm (Devon)

This project held its own landscape issues which were all successfully managed.  The proposed site was on a bridleway and also in an AONB and so the planning process had to tackle these obstacles, keeping in mind those who would be effected by the installation.

This AD plant generates electricity converted from biogas via the CHP unit. Some of this is used on site, with the rest exported to the national grid. Feedstock includes on-farm wastes such as pig and cow slurry, plus farmyard manure,  beet, and silage.

The planning application was a success.


Quick Facts

Size of plant: capacity 500kW

Feedstock: Slurry and silage


Project: AD plant at Enfield Farm (Devon)

This 2MW plant will be fed on a mix of silage, pig slurry and poultry and farmyard manure producing energy that will be exported to grid as well as digestate to be spread on land as biofertiliser and soil conditioner.

Working closely with our client Greener for Life Energy Ltd and the Local Planning Authority the decision was made under delegated power at the end of July.

We are now working with Greener for Life on meeting the Planning Conditions and getting the Environmental Permit in place in order for construction and operations to start.


Quick Facts



Project Value:

Project: PG Skips Ltd, Shropshire

E4environment Ltd provided services to assist in the reorganisation of activities at PG Skips site in Wem, Shropshire. Planning permission was needed in order to complete this project which would facilitate the safe, legally abiding reception of waste materials for recycling.

Work included the demolishing and construction of various buildings,

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