Are you missing out by not promoting your green practises?

Are you missing out by not promoting your green practises?

Are you missing out by not promoting your green practises? 

It is well known that businesses that have strong environmental credentials are on to something.

There is a growing market that will pay more for goods and services that align with their personal values. To have a positive approach, and have some green accreditation to back it up, can be a smart move for businesses looking to the

New research by Unilever reveals that a third of consumers now choose to buy brands based on their environmental impact. When I think of my weekly trip to the supermarket I wonder how I fit into this third. Although I am biased – working in the environment sector – I am restricted economically meaning that I cannot always afford the best, most ethical version of all groceries.

Certain brands that I love are Whole Earth, Green & Blacks, and Dorset Cereals. All are loud and proud about their green agenda which – for a little extra cost – makes me feel great.

I also do my best to buy local. Shout out to Pimhill Oats, Shropshire Honey (available at Shrewsbury Farmer’s Market), and Heather’s Harvest Jam.

With goods/services that are local and environmentally aware, accreditation is essential. I will always look at the product itself or the company website to see a) any sort of accreditation or environmental statement and b) a generally positive environmental approach.

Most important, though, is the surprise when a company that is not expected to be environmentally friendly makes the effort. This includes the salon where I get my hair cut, the dentist and local garage. This makes them memorable, and I am so much more likely to go back. Do you feel the same?

Personally I think Green Achiever is a good way for SME’s to demonstrate their green agenda. Unlike simply having ‘ISO 14001’ or a logo at the bottom of the website, the Green Achiever can be linked through to a plain English environmental policy that outlines the actions being taken every day to achieve environmental excellence.

Read more about this on the Marketing Week website.

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