Another Anaerobic Digester Planning Approval Won on Appeal

Another Anaerobic Digester Planning Approval Won on Appeal

E4environment are celebrating with our client Greener For Life Ltd on another planning approval for an AD plant in the South West – again won on appeal, and again with a costs award. The approval is for a 1.3MW plant, to be based at Great Hele Farm in Devon, to treat an annual supply of approximately 23,000 tonnes of slurry, farmyard and poultry manure, maize and grass silage, beet and wheat. The plant would largely be using its own produce as the feedstock source and then using the liquid and solid digestate on the farmland as an organic fertiliser and soil conditioner. The plant will be developed on land adjoining the existing collection of farm buildings and a landscape and screening plan was developed in order to mitigate the impact on the landscape character.

In writing her report the Planning Inspector said how the development would be likely to “complement the agricultural operations of the farm” and noted benefits to encompass “the production of an improved product for spreading on land and the production of renewable energy of value both to the farm and as a contribution to overall renewable energy generation and the security of the national energy supply.”

We congratulate Greener for Life Ltd on another planning approval.

February 2015


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