A Good Life Compost

A Good Life Compost

A Good Life Compost

Over the last 4 months here at E4environment have been working alongside local allotments, in trialling a green compost. A good life compost has been derived from local green waste bin collection, and is sold in recycled bags, tied with recycled bailer twine.garbage-can-1111449_640

So what is so good and unique about a good life compost? The compost is made from the materials from Shrewsbury’s green bin waste collection – so this is your garden trimmings, vegetable leaves, grass cuttings, flowers. So by this being composted, and then spread back on the land we are closing the loop.

Alongside the compost being a form of ‘recycling’ we are providing the compost in recycled feed bags and tying them with bailer twine from here at Hilley Farm. As far as we see it, it’s the product that’s important, not some fancy bag to be chucked in your shed.

Having used the compost ourselves around Hilley Farm, on our vegetable patch, flower beds and hanging baskets and having great results we decided it was time to hand it over to the allotment owners with their expert knowledge.  After giving samples to five allotments, all in different areas of the town, on different types of soil and people using the compost for different plants and produce, we collected accurate feedback.

The mulch like texture of the compost proved to be very successful when used in clay soils, or soils which lacked structure, easing the ability to dig or plants to root. One allotment found this really useful for when they dug up their potatoes. Therefore, the main use for A Good Life Compost would be as a soil improver.

sunflowers-week-5However, the nutrient content of A Good Life Compost has proven to be fantastic for various plants, with everything we have planted here at Hilley having shot up. We even had our own sunflower competition, with all competitors growing to a substantial height. At allotments, as well as easing the malleability of the ground, yields thrived. With no additives, just natural sources this pleasantly surprised our trial allotments. However, one allotment holder, did try A Good Life compost with those fickle plants… tomatoes. Although the plant grew, it did not favour it compared to the growth of a tomato plant next to it, in more specific compost. As this is a soil improver, we feel this could be due to the composts water retention.

A Good Life Compost is delivered to you either by 25L bag loads or 2000L trailer loads. So for avid gardeners, allotment holders and veg patch keepers, what more could you ask for. A great product which can nutritionally improve your soil structure, which is eco-friendly, closing the loop and best of all provides great results. Get in touch for your order.




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