If you love gardening and the outdoors, then you care about nature. So why not make your gardening as environmentally friendly as possible?

A Good Life compost is much greener and environmentally friendly than the average bag of multi-purpose from the garden centre! The compost is made from garden waste from local green bin collections. Some commercially made composts transport material all around the country and sometimes even around the world. By buying our compost, you know the materials have not travelled miles which reduces its carbon footprint.

We are closing the loop, using garden waste that has been composted over several months, allowing it to breakdown and mature.  The end product gives nutrients and structure back to the soil, improving soil fertility. A Good Life compost is suitable for all general garden uses.

Compost flow diagram1

The green waste is first sorted to remove any unwanted fragments such as plastic, then it is shredded and placed in windrows. Over a period of many weeks, the material is turned to improve the porosity and oxygen content, and to ensure moisture content is consistent throughout. With the reduction in the utilisation of peats, due to environmental concerns, natural green waste compost has come to the fore in the past 10 years as a natural and sustainable nutrient rich material. Our compost is peat free and PAS100 certified*, which means that the quality of the compost is of a very high standard.

A Good Life delivery mechanism of the compost is unique, based on the old door to door coal delivery rounds and the more recent veg box type deliveries. We bring the compost to you, where you need it, when you need it. The packaging we supply the compost in are heavy duty plastic sacks that can be reused with recycled baler twine used to close the bags.

Where to use A Good Life Compost

After extensive market research, and feedback from experienced allotment holders A Good Life Compost has proven to be brilliant as a soil improver – improving structure and adding nutrients to nutrient poor soils. This compost is ideally for allotments, vegetable patches and flower beds, showing the best results in these scenarios for growth and for improving ease of digging. However it has been used and been successful in hanging baskets and larger flower pots for seeding, but due to porosity the water retention is not ideal for this use.

*BSI PAS100 – all of our compost is sourced from sites which are fully certified to the BSI PAS100:2011 standards and passes the Quality Compost Protocol 2007. The PAS100 standard ensures the quality and process behind the green waste compost

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