Rob Williams

Principal Consultant and Business Manager

Rob joined E4environment in April 2016.  He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in waste and resource management consultancy operations, working with a range of clients from both the public and private sectors.  Rob’s role with E4environment includes business development, managing client expectations and maintaining internal business management systems.

Get to know Rob…

Favourite place to go for a walk

South Shropshire Hills: I was fortunate to live on Wenlock Edge for 15 years with the benefit of having the Shropshire hills and dales literally on my doorstep!  The variety of the walks (and pubs that are generally never far away) never cease to impress.  Even though I’m now a ‘townie’ living in Shrewsbury, the hills call out on weekends and summer evenings.  Favourite hills – Stiperstones, Lawley, Hopesay, Corndon, Abdon Burf; favourite pubs The Royal Oak in Cardington, The Ragleth in Little Stretton, The Bridges in Ratlinghope. 

Favourite thing to do outdoors

Gardening: Although ‘townies’, we’ve developed an allotment in our garden with 16 raised beds growing a range of vegetables plus various fruit trees/bushes.  There really is nothing better than successfully growing your own food – although it does take significant effort to keep on top of things – particularly in the growing season.  One blink (eg a couple of weekends away on the trot) and you are in trouble!  Plus those pesky slugs/pigeons/squirrels/caterpillars….. 

An environmental cause that is important to you

An environmental cause – Beekeeping:  Whilst I could not claim to be a qualified beekeeper myself, I have ‘suited up’ and undertaken the role of beekeepers assistant (in charge of ‘smoker’, moving/carrying ‘supers’ and ‘brood boxes’ around, operating the honey extractor etc).  What I have learnt from being part of this process is that the humble honeybee is incredibly important to the environment given their role in plant pollination which is vital to the survival of agriculture.  In fact, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees.   Without them, the human race wouldn’t have much too eat…