£19k fine for farmer and waste company

£19k fine for farmer and waste company

business-17965_640£19k fine for farmer and waste company

A tenant farmer from Essex accepted nearly 4000t of inert waste on his land to create a flood barrier.  This was a breach of his permit and without consent or permission from Natural England.  The land is sited in a highly sensitive area protected as amongst other things a Special Area of Conservation and a SSSI.

With the increase in housing development across the country, there is a real temptation for developers or waste carriers to divert inert wastes to farmland thereby saving them thousands of pounds in landfill charges.

There are systems in place that can ensure that both waste generators and waste receivers can come to an acceptable deal that complies with the law.  The problem is the lack of awareness of the system and the requirements for permits.

If anyone is either removing or thinking of accepting waste E4 environment can assist you. Give us a call on 01743 343403.


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